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You're XpressKey is being retired on November 30, 2021.
What does that mean for you?
See Details Below


eKey Basic vs eKey Pro

What are the differences between the basic and professional plans ?

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How do I use the eKey app ?

Need a video walk through of how to use the eKey app to obtain a key or open the shackle? No problem!

Visit SUPRA's Resource page

Want to go direct to SUPRA's Customer Support Resources? Click the links below. 

SUPRA Updates

See whats new, including the recent changes to the Xpress key


Your XpressKEY® is being retired on November 30, 2021.

After November 30, 2021 , all XpressKEYs will no longer work due to 3G cellular being discontinued by cellular providers as early as of the end of 2021. This is not a CSMAR decision. This is a national technology change that CSMAR and our vendors must adapt to.


If I can't use my XpressKEY® anymore, what can I use?

You will be upgraded to the eKEY®. There is no cost to upgrade!

The eKEY® is a simple app you can download on your smartphone. No more remembering to charge and bring an extra device - your phone is your key, and it can still work in areas with no cell service!

Advantages of the SUPRA eKEY

  • It's less expensive than the XpressKEY®

  • Quickly show properties using your phone's biometric feature or an Apple Watch®

  • Option to enter PIN only once per day to obtain keys

  • Listing information displayed after a keybox has been opened

  • Track your keybox inventory

  • Read your keyboxes to view all activity

  • View your Call-Before-Showing (CBS) keybox codes for affiliate access

  • Easily monitor your showing activity on your listings in the eKEY® app

  • Use the Agent Alert feature to send alert messages via email or text

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